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Optimising Pasture Response and Urea Fertiliser Efficiency With ONEsystem®

Given the importance that farmers place on optimising pasture response, there have been surprisingly few attempts by the main fertiliser companies to optimise the performance of urea itself.

Fertiliser industries have long claimed that ammonia volatilisation is low in NZ conditions. However scientific data reports losses of 4.2-33.3%. Losses of less than 10% would only occur on highly acid soils with a pH of <5.3. However, few dairy farms operate at soil pH levels below this.

Improved-efficiency products or application processes have failed to permeate the NZ market generally because of higher product or application costs.

ONEsystem® uses micro-granular prilled urea containing NBPT (wetted with a fine water spray during spreading) which greatly enhances pasture response.

ONEsystem® Application

Benefits of ONEsystem®

Improved Dry Matter Yields

EDM efficiency is dramatically improved. Pasture treated with ONEsystem® can be visually differentiated with the naked eye. Urine patches are far less visible than pastures where granules have been used. The average EDM factor for all forms of prilled urea is higher than that for granules (by an average of 2.6). One trial has documented that a total of 120kg N/ha (as ONEsystem) produced 1,770 kg/ha EDM, compared to 1200kg/ha EDM with granular urea.

Optimised Soil Mineral Levels

Levels of ammonium-N and nitrate-N are significantly higher with ONEsystem® prills than with granular urea. This would be expected to result in higher residual pasture growth.

Pasture Recovery

ONEsystem® achieves up to 90% plant N recovery compared to 30% when granular urea is used.

Before ONEsystem® application:

Before ONEsystem® Application

After ONEsystem® application:

After ONEsystem® Application

Minimises Environmental Impact

ONEsystem® prills result in an even coverage, with an acceptably wide but well-defined swath width, which minimises direct entry into NZ’s waterways.

Sources of ONEsystem® Efficiencies

Better Coverage

ONEsystem® enables better and more even coverage. Up to 10 times more particles than granular urea are supplied more evenly to plants.

Reduced Ammonia Volatilisation

ONEsystem® has the effect of reducing ammonia volatilisation due to the addition of the urease inhibitor NBPT.

Foliar Uptake

ONEsystem® involves a degree of foliar uptake as the prills dissolve on the plant leaves. During application, prills and granules naturally land on plant leaves and bare ground. Most granules end up rolling off the leaves, even when applied to wet pasture. Of the wetted prills applied however, many will adhere to the leaves. They tend to dissolve on the leaf surface over a period of hours.

Closeup of Prills

Reduced Nitrate Leaching

By enabling faster and more even plant uptake, ONEsystem® reduces losses from the topsoil which would otherwise result from nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions.

Farmers using ONEsystem® can benefit from significant reductions in input costs, and its use has significant implications for overseer outputs.

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