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Granular Urea

Particle size ranging from 3 -5mm

  • 46%

Urea is a manufactured organic compound consisting of uniform white granules. It has the highest quick release nitrogen (N) content of any solid fertiliser available in New Zealand.

Why Use Urea

  • Concentrated and cost effective nitrogen source.
  • Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for plant growth.
  • Suitable for all agriculture, horticulture and forestry farming systems.

Safety Information

Material Safety Data Sheet



Caution When Mixing

Urea is not compatible with alkaline products such as Magnesium Oxide or fertilisers containing more than 2% moisture content.

Should not be stored where moisture could be an issue.

Urea can be compatible with potassium chloride, triple super and calcium nitrate under special circumstances.

Segregation may occur when mixed with products of differences of particle size and in bulk densities.