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Also known as Triple Super

  • 20%
  • 1%
  • 16%

TSP is generally dark grey in colour and is a concentrated form of Phosphate fertiliser that contains calcium. This is ideal where transport costs and/or application costs are high. It has a moisture content of less than 2%.

Fert Wholesale sources are very low in Cadmium. This means it is ideal for NZ farmers who have built up Cadmium levels due to high use of Cadmium fertiliser products (such as Superphosphate).

Why use TSP

TSP is a concentrated form of Phosphate fertiliser that has very little Sulphur. This allows you to apply the quantity of sulphur required via Sulphur 90.

TSP is ideal for Autumn-sown cereal crops where only phosphate is required. It is ideal for capital phosphate applications.

Safety Information

Material Safety Data Sheet


Made from low Cadmium Phosphate rock and Phosphuric Acid.

Caution When Mixing

TSP can be mixed with most fertilisers as it has a low moisture content. However, we recommend you check bulk densities of all mixing components.