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Sulphur 90

Granule containing 90% elemental sulphur

  • 90%

Sulphur 90 is a proven source of fine, elemental sulphur and is used to correct long-term sulphur deficiency in pastures. It is ideal for maximising legume production.

Sulphur 90

In NZ, it is widely recognised that the majority of NZ soils are severely deficient in Sulphur. This product is used to correct long-term sulphur deficiency in pastures by the application of elemental Sulphur. This is then broken down to Sulphate Sulphur by bacteria, over time, when moisture and temperature permit.  Sulphur 90 is the cheapest means of applying Sulphur to NZ soils as it is comprised of 90% Sulphur.

Safety Information

Material Safety Data Sheet



Caution When Mixing

Must be kept in mixes with less than 2% moisture, and in dry store conditions, as the Suplhur Bentinite will absorb moisture and begin to break down into fine particles.

If the product has broken down into fine particles, and is more than 10% of the mix, do not apply via aerial application.