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Reactive Phosphate Rock

Slow release phosphate fertiliser

  • 12.6%
  • 1%
  • 28%

This is a reactive Phosphate rock sourced from Algeria that has been used in the NZ market for 20 years. It is recognised in the world market as a lower Cadmium RPR.

Reactive Phosphate Rock

RPR is a non-water soluble Phosphate that uses the soil acids to break down into plant-available Phosphate. This means it has a liming affect, as well as applying a maintenance phosphate.

It has been proven that when RPR and Sulphur 90 are applied together, as maintenance fertiliser on hill or high country soils, there are significant legume responses.

These products are more environmentally-friendly to apply.


Phosphorus, Calcium, Sulphur

Caution When Mixing

Because Reactive Phosphate Rock is an inert sand, the particle size and bulk density create issues with larger-particle, granular fertilisers.