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Ammonium Sulphate

Also known as Sulphate of Ammonium (SOA)

  • 21%
  • 23.5%

Ammonium Sulphate is a fertiliser containing equal forms of Ammonium Nitrogen and Sulphate Sulphur which is ideal for NZ soils. Generally, NZ soils are deficient in both these key nutrients - particularity after a period of high rain fall.

Ammonium Sulphate

Used where deficiencies in both Ammonium Nitrogen and Sulphate Sulphur occur.

FWDL brings in both granular and prill Ammonium Sulphate to apply to themselves or mix with prill and granular Urea.

Safety Information

Material Safety Data Sheet


Nitrogen, Sulphur

Caution When Mixing

Has a low pH so can react with high moisture content in other fertilisers or alkaline-based products.