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Our Mission

To supply NZ farmers with an alternative for obtaining their fertilisers. We offer fertilisers at today’s world prices, without the need to have capital tied up in ownership.

We also bring innovation to the industry with fertiliser options and pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of product quality.

About Shane Harold

Shane has been directly involved in the fertiliser industry in NZ for over 30 years, including 26 years working within one of the major co-ops in various senior and field roles.

Shane’s understanding of what the NZ market needs is second to none. He will always focus on increasing your farm’s productivity while ensuring the environment is protected.

Shane completed his agricultural degree at Massey University with a focus on NZ soils. His background also includes 14 years of sales and farm consultancy on fertiliser use across a wide spectrum of both the North and South Island markets.

Shane become involved as part owner and director of Fert Wholesale Direct to directly import fertiliser into NZ and provide farmers with the opportunity of purchasing fertiliser at current world prices without having to invest in infrastructure or shareholding. This opens the door to looking at new innovative ways of applying your NPKS, as well as providing a competitive option to other fertiliser suppliers.


We can provide agronomic advice anywhere within the New Zealand to help you get the best out of your fertiliser investment.


Pricing will be fixed for each shipment/contract and will generally have a minimum contract signing fee of 30% of the delivered price. Even lower prices are available should you choose to pay for a greater percentage at time of signing your contract, which we are happy to discuss with you.

We allow you to lock in your fertiliser at the world price on the day of ordering. This means you can make significant savings by buying your fertiliser when the price is low. Just take a look at the below graphs from 2018 to get an idea of how much global fertiliser prices fluctuate.

All prices are quoted in NZ dollars and are exclusive of GST.