Update about our business operation in relation to Covid-19.  Find out more.


This is an update from Fert Wholesale Direct Limited (FWDL), in regard to our business operation in relation to Covid-19.

FWDL is an essential provider of fertiliser and animal health products to the primary sector and therefore will remain open until further notice. At this stage we have good stock of all raw ingredients either in our stores or on the water and do not foresee any shortages in relation to these products.

Our key dispatch Facilities (Southport Invercargill, Brosnans TSP Timaru and Tulloch Road Christchurch): Are open in a business as usual capacity for fertiliser uplifts. However, all three facilities have introduced new procedures to ensure there is no human contact between drivers and store staff and or other drivers, which need to be adhered to at all times under their C-19 Virus protocols.

It would pay to help minimise inconvenience that the Transport uplifting the fertiliser/animal health product phone/Txt the store prior to uplifting products.

Southport – Alister 021 441 475
Brosnans Transport – Sabrina – 03 683 9099
Tulloch Road – Murray – 027 563 5477

What are we unable to do:
We are closed for walk in administration enquiries and are unable to conduct client meetings in person at the present time this includes on farm visits.
Fertiliser supply, Advice, Product information and Recommendations: Please contact Shane directly.
Phone/TXT 021 0235 6491 Email shane@fertwholesale.co.nz

Accounts and Administration Please Contact Andrea or Sarah.
Phone/TXT Andrea – 021 980 455
Phone/TXT Sarah – 021 964 469
Or email accounts@fertwholesale.co.nz

Wishing everyone well, during these very challenging times and please follow all of the store procedures.
Thanks Shane