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Fert Wholesale Direct Pricing

Because we buy on the global commodity market, our prices can change on a daily basis. We pass these price changes directly on to you, the farmer.

If you’d like to be alerted of these price changes and the potential savings that you could make, sign up to our “Market Alert” mailing list.

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Featured Fertiliser

  • 90%

Sulphur 90
Granule containing 90% elemental sulphur

Sulphur 90 is a proven source of fine, elemental sulphur and is used to correct long-term sulphur deficiency in pastures. It is ideal for maximising legume production.

$1010.00 per MT


Optimising Pasture Response and Urea Fertiliser Efficiency With ONEsystem®

Given the importance that farmer’s place on optimising pasture response there have been surprisingly few attempts by the main fertiliser companies to optimise the performance of urea itself.

Fertiliser industries have long claimed that ammonia volatilisation is low in NZ conditions. However scientific data reports losses of 4.2 – 33.3%. Losses of less than 10% would only occur on highly acid soils with a pH of <5.3. Few dairy farms, however, operate at soil pH levels below this range.

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Watch this video to see how One System can cost about
30% less per hectare than Granular urea!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Simon McAlister
Director: Ruralrpm Ltd

We have found dealing with Shane at Fert Wholesale direct very easy.

In the first instance we were lured by the price…

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Peter Gardyne
Owner: Arkley Farm Ltd

We have used Fert Wholesale Direct since Shane started and have found his depth of knowledge really helpful especialy since we have different needs from native hill country to high input…

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Chris & Rochelle Dillon
Owner: Dillon Ag Ltd

We have used Fert Wholesale since the company started as the product being offered was of a higher grade and the savings we made was $80,000 in our first year! …

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About Us

Shane Harold

We supply fertiliser products throughout New Zealand.

We supply discounted fertilisers like:
  • Urea,
  • MAP,
  • DAP,
  • SOP (sulphate of potash),
  • MOP (muriate of potash),
  • SOA (sulphate of ammonia),
  • RPR (reactive phosphate rock),
  • TSP (triple super),
  • MgO (magnesium oxide),
  • Sulphur 90

We can also supply tailored fertiliser blends with minerals and trace elements to meet your specific needs.

Our mission is to supply NZ farmers with an alternative to obtaining their mainstream fertiliser products from the world market. We supply our fertilisers at today’s world prices without the need to have capital tied up in ownership.

With innovation and expertise, we constantly bring you a high standard of fertiliser quality.

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